What is whether an example?

What is whether an example?

Whether is defined as a word used to introduce an alternative. An example of whether is what someone would say when asking her child if she would like vanilla or chocolate ice cream.

How do you use whether examples?

Whether sentence example

  1. Whether we want to admit it or not, we all wish everyone would like us. …
  2. He needs you right now, whether he knows it or not. …
  3. I really don’t know whether to finish him or not. …
  4. I was unsure whether my husband would actually come with me. …
  5. Whether or not you take my deal, I’ll help her.

What is the full meaning of whether?

conjunction. (used to introduce the first of two or more alternatives, and sometimes repeated before the second or later alternative, usually with the correlative or): It matters little whether we go or stay. Whether we go or whether we stay, the result is the same.

Can I start a sentence with whether?

Remember as well that, as a conjunction, “whether or not” needs to come at the end of the first clause in a sentence. What is this? Alternately, you can begin the sentence with “whether or not” and then add the rest of the sentence after the verb phrase.

What is another word for whether?

In this page you can discover 18 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for whether, like: either, if, in-case, even-if, whatever, so-long-as, as-long-as, if it follows that, because, where and therefore.

What’s the difference between weather and whether?

Whether is a conjunction meaning if. Wether is a neutered goat or sheep. Weather is the state of the atmosphere. Will you ever mix them up again?

How do you understand whether?

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Should I use rather or whether?

You’re right. “Rather” is an adverb, meaning with preference for one of two things, or more willingly. “Whether” is a conjunction with several meanings, but the two words are not synonyms. We might say, “I’d rather not have the seafood platter,” meaning we’d prefer not to have it.

Who’s in a sentence example?

When to use who’s: Who’s is a contraction of the pronoun who and either the verb is or has. For example: Who’s that actor who always plays himself in films? I’ve gone to that beach before.

Is whether it be grammatically correct?

“Whether it be” is correct, but the great majority of people say “whether it is”.

How do you ask a question using Whether?

Whether is used when someone does not know which of the two possibilities is true.

  1. She asked me whether I was married.
  2. I don’t know whether she will come.
  3. I asked whether she had received the letter.

Is whether or not incorrect?

A: In the phrase “whether or not,” the “or not” is often optional. When the choice is up to you, you can generally use either “whether” or “if.” But you definitely need “or not” when you mean “regardless of whether,” as in, “I’m out of here whether you like it or not!”

What type of speech is whether?

Whether is a conjunction.

What does whether through mean?

1 subordinating used to introduce an indirect question or a clause after a verb expressing or implying doubt or choice in order to indicate two or more alternatives, the second or last of which is introduced by or or or whether.

Is whether a formal word?

In formal writing we always use whether in cases like (3) and (4). In some cases, however, whether and if are not equivalent. Use whether to present two alternatives. (5) Inform the student adviser whether you need help.






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