What is today’s Wordle 259?

What is today’s Wordle 259?

The answer to Wordle #259 on Saturday, March 5, is “brine.” This might have been a bit of a headscratcher for those unfamiliar with the term.

Where do I find daily Wordle?

Its new home is on The Times site (https://www.nytimes.com/games/wordle/index.html).

What is today’s Wordle March 4 2022?

The answer to today’s Wordle puzzle, March 4 (Wordle 258) The answer is: AHEAD.

What is the Wordle word today 257?

The word for Wordle 257 is MOURN. The word is a verb in English and means “to feel and show great sadness, especially because somebody has died.” Today’s word was a tough one to guess, right?

What is the Wordle word today 260?

The answer to Wordle puzzle 260 is HOARD.

What is today’s Wordle 8th March?

The answer to today’s Wordle puzzle, March 8 (Wordle 262) The answer is: SWEET.

Can I do yesterday’s Wordle?

Go to System > Date & Time. You can also search for “Date” or “Time” in the search bar within Settings. Toggle off the option to Set Time Automatically and Set Time Zone Automatically. Manually select the date and time and then open the browser to play Wordle.

How do you play Wordle today?

How do I play? Wordle is simple: You have six chances to guess the day’s secret five-letter word. Type in a word as a guess, and the game tells you which letters are or aren’t in the word. The aim is to figure out the secret word with the fewest guesses.

How do I get a Wordle?

The game is web-based, so there’s no official app to download (although it’s not for lack of trying by a few copycats). You can play using a mobile or desktop browser; just go to www.powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle/. You have until midnight, when the word resets and a new word is there for you to guess.

What’s today’s Wordle March 3?

The Wordle for March 3 is MOURN.

What is today’s March 5 Wordle?

The today’s Wordle is BRINE, a kind of salt water used for the preservation of the food.

What is the Wordle for March 3 2022?

What is the Wordle answer 257? (March 3, 2022) The Wordle answer 257 is “MOURN.” “MOURN” is a verb that means to “feel or show sorrow for the death of (someone), typically by following conventions such as the wearing of black clothes.” (Definition from Oxford Languages.)

What was Wordle 256?

The word for Wordle 256 is NASTY. The word means “very bad or unpleasant”, and is commonly used as an adjective. This was an easy one, wasn’t it?

What is today’s Wordle word March 2?

Wordle 256 March 2nd: Answer The Wordle word of the day is NASTY which is also a synonym of gross and commonly used as an adjective. Today’s word of the day was a bit easier one will see you tomorrow with a new one.

What is March 4th Wordle?

This hints and clues guide for the March 4 Wordle can help you get that last push to solve the puzzle….March 4 Wordle Answer.

No. Answer Date
258 ahead March 4

What is March 6ths Wordle?

The answer to the Wordle puzzle on March 6, 2022 is cloth.

What’s the Wordle of the day 261?

Today’s Wordle answer, that is Wordle 261 answer, is HOARD. The meaning of the word is very simple.

What was today’s Wordle March 6th?

The Wordle for March 6 is CLOTH.


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