What is the answer to who is level 46?

What is the answer to who is level 46?

Answer: Pick up the olive levees and tickle the right guy with it. About Who Is?

How do you do the OvO glitch?

This glitch is done by pressing both down and up at the same time. It helps to use space instead of up. This glitch gives you a high amount of speed. After you 1FSJ you can do the same input when you hit the ground to do a Momentum Jump, or MJ.

How many coins are in OvO?

In the 1.4 version of OvO, there are coins on every level. On the 1.3. 2 version, there were only 28 coins.

How do you get coin hunter on OvO?

Coin Hunter is an achievement that can be unlocked by collecting 30 coins. In the 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 versions of OvO you have to get 24 coins in order to get the achievement. You do not get any gold from this achievement (apart from the gold that you get when grabbing a coin).

Who is level 52 who is a greedy person?

Answer: Pick up 3 packs of money for each of them and drop it in front of them, now you’ll see the middle guy is greedy so choose “B” button.

Who is a greedy person who is?

People who are greedy are a little too interested in having something. Usually, that something is money. Rich people who keep trying to get more and more money are often accused by being greedy. A gluttonous person is greedy for food.

How do you slide walls on OvO?

Be sliding on a wall, and then press the opposite direction key, and up at the SAME exact time. Even if you keep holding the opposite way you wont go too far. Then just spam up. As you hit the ground from a smash, hit up, and then down a fraction of a second later.

How do you get a top chart on OvO?

Top Charts is an achievement that can be unlocked by beating the game in less than 7 minutes. On completion, you will get The Fallen skin. The achievements description says “Finish OvO in less than 7 minutes”.

How do you do a knee slide on OvO?

Basic Mechanics on How to Play OvO While you’re running, press the down arrow key to slide under objects. To jump while playing OvO on your web browser, press the UP arrow key. If you jump while sliding, you’ll go farther in your jump.

How do you become a light knight in OvO?

Coin God is an achievement that can be unlocked by collecting 40 coins. When completed, you will get the Light Knight skin. It does not grant any gold (apart from the gold you get from a coin). The achievements description says “Collect 40 coins”.

How do you pass level 30 on OvO?

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How do you get the coin on level 26?

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How do you get the purified achievement in OvO?

Purified is an achievement that is unlocked when you complete the game. It will give you the Batter skin as a reward. The achievements description says “Finish every level”. Trivia: The achievements icon is a reference to the French RPG “OFF”.

Who is level 54 answer?

Answer: Drag the right guy and drop him beside his true love, I mean the lady in pink.

What is the answer to level 77 on who?

Answer: Swipe the lady’s face to the other side.

Who is game level 76 answer?

Answer: Put America’s and Canada’s flags in the blank spots.

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