What games you can play on a whiteboard?

What games you can play on a whiteboard?

Ten must-know whiteboard games

  • Dictation race. Prepare by creating a list of sentences that are related to your unit of study or use your current target vocabulary. …
  • Jeopardy. …
  • Expanding text. …
  • Tic Tac Toe. …
  • Last letter first. …
  • Hot seat. …
  • Pictionary, charades, and celebrity heads. …
  • Word dash.

Is there a free whiteboard online?

Microsoft Whiteboard also works great with other Microsoft apps like 365 and Teams. You can use Microsoft Whiteboard for free with a Microsoft account on iPhone, iPad, Android device, desktop or web. You just need a Microsoft account which is free, for example, with Hotmail.

Does whiteboard fi work with Zoom?

Whiteboard.fi has the potential to be a good tool to use when you want your students to quickly illustrate how to solve a math problem or you want them to make a simple mind map. In a remote learning environment Whiteboard.fi could pair well with Google Meet or Zoom.

How do I create an interactive whiteboard activity?

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How do you play MASH?

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How do you play Pictionary?

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Is there a Google whiteboard?

Jamboard is one smart display. Quickly pull in images from a Google search, save work to the cloud automatically, use the easy-to-read handwriting and shape recognition tool, and draw with a stylus but erase with your finger – just like a whiteboard.

Does Google have a whiteboard app?

Here are some of the best free digital whiteboard apps. Microsoft and Google both offer their own whiteboard solutions with Microsoft Whiteboard and Jamboard respectively. While these tools have their benefits, especially if you’re already in those company’s ecosystems, perhaps they’re not quite right for you.

What whiteboard does Khan Academy use?

SmoothDraw. If you have ever seen a video from Khan Academy, you may recognize SmoothDraw. Khan Academy teachers use this simple drawing application to illustrate online lessons in science, mathematics, history and more.

Is Microsoft Whiteboard free?

While Microsoft Whiteboard is free to use for anyone with a Microsoft account, it’s at its best with a Microsoft 365 subscription – especially when paired up with the power of Teams.

How can a teacher use a whiteboard?

Teachers can write out multiple choice answers on the whiteboard at the front of the classroom, while students write down which answer they think is correct on their small whiteboards at their desk. It’s simple, effective, and keeps the entire classroom engaged.

How do students use whiteboard Fi?

Whiteboard.fi is a simple tool that can be used instantly. Create a class and let your students join, using a link, room code or QR code. … You as a teacher see all your students’ whiteboards in real time, so you can follow their progress, while the students only see their own whiteboard and the teacher’s.

How do I get my smart board to be interactive?

Click the SMART Board icon in the system tray and select Control Panel. Make sure Projected (Mouse Mode) has been selected. Second, reorient the interactive whiteboard. Click the SMART Board icon, select Orient and follow the on- screen instructions.

How do you make a Smart Board?

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How do I make a Smart Notebook lesson?

Creating basic lesson activities in SMART Notebook 16

  1. Create the object you want to use as the activity object and the objects you want to accept or reject when dragged to the activity object.
  2. Press Add-ons , and then press Activity Builder.
  3. Select the object you want to use as the activity object, and then press Edit.






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