What does information measure on WISC?

What does information measure on WISC?

Information measures general cultural knowledge, long-term memory, and acquired facts.

What are the primary subtests of the WISC-V?

The WISC-V contains 10 primary subtests (Similarities [SI], Vocabulary [VC], Block Design [BD], Matrix Reasoning [MR], Figure Weights [FW], Digit Span [DS], and Coding [CD], Visual Puzzles [VP], Picture Span [PS], and Symbol Search [SS]) that are most commonly ad- ministered.

What are the subtests of the WAIS-IV?

The verbal tests were: Information, Comprehension, Arithmetic, Digit Span, Similarities, and Vocabulary. The Performance subtests were: Picture Arrangement, Picture Completion, Block Design, Object Assembly, and Digit Symbol. A verbal IQ, performance IQ and full scale IQ were obtained.

What does fluid reasoning measure on the WISC-V?

The Fluid Reasoning Index measures a child’s ability to detect the underlying conceptual relationship among visual objects and use reasoning to identify and apply rules.

How many subtests are in the WISC-V?

The WISC-V provides subtest and composite scores that represent intellectual functioning in specific cognitive domains, as well as a composite score that represents the general intellectual ability. The WISC-V is composed of 16 subtests; Subtests can be grouped into two general categories: primary or secondary.

What subtests make up the nonverbal WISC-V?

Subtests that contribute to the NVI are drawn from four of the five primary cognitive domains (i.e., Visual Spatial, Fluid Reasoning, Working Memory, and Processing Speed).

How many subtests does the WISC have?

The WISC-IV has 15 subtests, 10 of which are core subtests that are usually used to measure the four index scores and Full Scale IQ.

What does perceptual reasoning measure on the WAIS-IV?

Perceptual Reasoning Index This index reflects an individual’s ability to accurately interpret, organize and think with visual information. It measures nonverbal reasoning skills and taps into thinking that is more fluid and requires visual perceptual abilities.

What subtests make up the FSIQ on WAIS-IV?

Two composites are available for the WAIS-IV • FSIQ comprises of all sub-test • GAI comprises only of subtests that constitute the Verbal Comprehension Index (VCI) and Perceptual Reasoning Index (PRI).

What does arithmetic measure on the WAIS?

The Arithmetic subtest score measures attention, concentration, and numerical reasoning. A large discrepancy between Verbal and Performance scores on the WAIS-R may not indicate a learning disability.

What does a low fluid reasoning score mean?

Students that struggle with fluid reasoning often exhibit some of the following traits when engaged in learning activities: they struggle to identify patterns and relationships, have difficulty with drawing conclusions or inferences from information presented, may not be able to transfer skills or knowledge from one …

What subtests make up the FSIQ on the WISC-V?

The WISC–V FSIQ is based on seven subtests: Similarities, Vocabulary, Block Design, Matrix Reasoning, Figure Weights, Digit Span, and Coding.


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