What are the best words to use in Wordle?

What are the best words to use in Wordle?

If, on the other hand, you’re simply trying to win within the allotted six guesses, the top three words to play are “adept,” “clamp” and “plaid.” Using any of these three words will yield an average success rate in winning the game of 98.79 percent, 98.75 percent, and 98.75 percent, respectively, if you’re playing the …

What is the best first word to guess in Wordle?

Wordle best starting word Some wordle crowd favorites consist of ‘adieu’ and ‘about’ because you get to use at least three vowels. More popular are ‘canoe’ and ‘audio,’ so these are solid bets as it’s always a good first guess to check what vowels you’ll be working with throughout the puzzle.

How do you guess Wordle every time?

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What are streaks in Wordle?

When players win a game of Wordle – i.e. they guess the word in six guesses or fewer – they’re shown stats including how many games they’re played, winning percentage and their winning ‘streak’ (how many games they’ve won on the trot).

Is Wordle easy?

Wordle isn’t any more difficult than it was a week or so ago, before The New York Times bought it, updated the logo and colors, and put millions of Wordle fans on high alert. If anything, it just got easier. I know, five-letter words like Cynic are not easy.

What is a good 5 letter word for Wordle?

So starting words like “ratio,” “irate,” “stain,” or “stare” that include those commonly used letters are great options. There are more English-language words that start with S than any other letter, so a starting word that begins with S is also a good first guess.

What was Wordle 244?

Today’s Wordle 244 answer is “dodge”, with the double use of the “D” being the likely reason some users tripped up on the word. “Absolutely devastated,” one person wrote. “First one I got wrong ever.” “This one drove me mad, took way too long to get this word, I almost gave up.

What are the 5 words in Wordle?

Excel found that s, e, a, r, and o are the top five most common letters. “So a word that has those five letters is going to win,” Jelen concluded in his video. Jelen recommended ‘arose,’ but he also pointed out that ‘i’ is the sixth most common letter, meaning that a word like ‘arise’ or ‘raise’ is also a good bet.

Can you cheat at Wordle?

Since The New York Times bought Wordle in late January, some players have become convinced the viral word game has become more difficult than ever before. While that claim remains unproven, a new study shows that cheating while playing Wordle has become more prevalent since the Times’ takeover.

Is Wordle 4 good?

The average player — like us! — should be able to guess the word in four or five tries. But if it takes you less than that, you are doing very well. If it takes you only three attempts, then in our eyes, you had a great score and you should be proud of yourself.

What is a good Wordle score?

Key findings about Wordle The United States ranked No. 18 in the world for Wordle, with a national average of 3.92. The U.S. state with the best Wordle average was North Dakota, with an average of 3.65. The U.S. city with the best Wordle score was Saint Paul, Minnesota, with an average of 3.51.

What is today’s Wordle 23?

The answer to today’s Wordle puzzle, March 23 (Wordle 277) The answer is: PURGE. Katherine Rodriguez can be reached at krodriguez@njadvancemedia.com. Have a tip?

What is the hardest Wordle word?

Wordle players have taken to Twitter today, complaining that Wordle 244 has broken their streaks. “Wordle 244 broke my 41-day streak,” one user, who didn’t manage to correctly guess today’s five-letter word, said.

Is Wordle hard today?

Today’s Wordle answer is nowhere near as tricky as yesterday’s, but nor is it incredibly easy. It’s a middling answer that you might get a 3/6 or even a 2/6 on if you get lucky, or a 4 or 5/6 if you don’t. With that in mind, some hints might be helpful; after all, a Wordle failure is only ever six guesses away.

What is average guess for Wordle?

Wordle is a game where the goal is to guess the correct five-letter word in as few guesses as possible. There’s only one new word per day and players have a maximum of six guesses to figure it out. On average, Canadians need 3.90 guesses to get the correct answer, compared to 3.92 guesses for Americans.

Is Wordle timed?

It is (currently) still free to play and free of ads, and it can only be completed once each day. That’s right — no three-hour time-wasting Wordle sessions while you’re supposed to be working.

How did Wordle get popular?

Similar brain-stimulating games are popular among all ages, but Wordle has outclasses many, a popularity is due, in part, to its easy gameplay, appeal to a wide audience, and the ease of sharing and comparing scores on social media.

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