What are some interesting quiz questions?

What are some interesting quiz questions?

Quiz Questions

  • What country has the highest life expectancy? …
  • Where would you be if you were standing on the Spanish Steps? …
  • Which language has the more native speakers: English or Spanish? …
  • What is the most common surname in the United States? …
  • What disease commonly spread on pirate ships?

How can you make a quiz more fun?

How to make a fun and informative quiz and game for students?

  1. Keep it short and simple, don’t complicate the quiz more than needed.
  2. Randomize the positions of the correct answers.
  3. Don’t make the questions too easy and don’t make the answers too tricky.

Can trivia be multiple choice?

But trivia questions come in a variety of types, from multiple choice questions on food & drink, to fill in the gaps questions about your favorite song lyrics.

What are some examples of multiple choice questions?

  • 10 Common Types of Multiple Choice Questions and How to.
  • The look-alike set of options.
  • Flipping the text of the definition with the term.
  • The negative option.
  • The multiple option.
  • Two columns of options.
  • Statistics from a study.
  • Degrees of change from a study.

What are fun quiz categories?

If you’re getting bored of the standard general knowledge, these 10 round ideas should make your next quiz a little more lively:

  • Scavenger hunt. …
  • Music round. …
  • Picture round. …
  • Wipeout round. …
  • Social media round. …
  • Video round. …
  • Numbers round. …
  • Voices round.

What are some fun Jeopardy questions?

  • What is the last name of Drake from the popular television show “Drake & Josh”? What is Parker?
  • What is the “American Anthem”? What is The Star Spangled Banner?
  • How many strikes AND fouls do you get in baseball? What is 3 strikes and 4 fouls?
  • Home of the Whooper. What is Burger King?
  • The name of Jack Sparrow’s ship.

How many questions should a trivia night have?

How Many Questions do You Need for a Trivia Night? Most rounds have about 5-8 questions per round. You can also include bonus rounds with obscure questions for extra points.

What would I do questions?

Hypothetical question list

  • If you were a transformer, what vehicle would you turn into?
  • What laws would you abolish if you could? …
  • If extra lives were a thing in the real world, how would you get them?
  • If you were a food, what food would you be?
  • What animal would be way better if it was covered in scales?

What are the three parts of a multiple-choice question?

Multiple-choice questions require learners to choose the best response from several options. They are typically composed of three parts: question stems, correct answer or answers, and.

What is the meaning of open question?

Definition of open question : a matter or problem that is being discussed but to which the answer is not yet known Whether voters will support him remains an open question.

Does multiple-choice have one answer?

These question types are easy to set up and are the most frequent type of question in online surveys. They allow respondents to pick just one answer from a list of given options.

How do you make a virtual trivia fun?

Top 10 Ways to Ensure You Knock Your Virtual Trivia Night Out of the Park

  1. Break the group into teams to maximize fun. …
  2. Give the group time to catch up in meaningful ways. …
  3. Ensure the trivia is creative. …
  4. Make sure your questions include a mix of everything… …
  5. 5. … …
  6. Customize trivia to the group.

How do you play quiz on Zoom?

How to create a quiz

  1. Create an advanced poll.
  2. Click the button and click Make a quiz and set correct answers.
  3. Click set answer shown on each question.
  4. Select which answer(s) you want to be the correct option.
  5. Click Done.
  6. Repeat for each question.
  7. Click Save.

What is the most common pub quiz question?

10 Most Common Quiz Questions

  • Vodka, Galliano and orange juice are utilized to produce what kind of classic cocktail? …
  • What’s changed into alcohol while in brewing? …
  • What number of gallons of beer are actually in a firkin? …
  • Which US state is branded in the tag of the Jack Daniels bottle?

What are good family trivia questions?

Sample Family Trivia Questions

  • How many generations are in our family, alive and well today?
  • Who is the longest living family member with us today? (If female, give her a rose, if male, give him a family reunion hat or koozie.)
  • Who is the newest family member here today? (Could be a baby or a new marriage.)

What is the hardest quiz question ever?

40 of the hardest general knowledge quiz questions:

  • What is Prince William’s full name? …
  • What’s the name of the Coco Pops mascot?
  • What year did Vincent Van Gogh die?
  • Switzerland is made up of how many cantons?
  • Which political figure became Baronness of Kesteven?
  • Who designed the Eiffel Tower?

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