Is Timez Attack still available?

Is Timez Attack still available?

Alas, the paid version of Timez Attack is only available for schools now, but read on… A couple of things you should know up front. First of all, the makers of Timez Attack provide a free version of their game. And the free version really does teach all the times tables from 2 to 12.

How much does Timez Attack Cost?

There is a free version! You and your child can try it out and use the free version which is what we did to start with. The paid version gives your child access to more ‘worlds’ and entertainment. Standard version: $39.99. Deluxe version: $59.99.

Is Big brainz free?

You can choose the free version, or purchase a more detailed version. Either way, your child will become more proficient in math!

How do you play big brainz?

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Is Timez Attack free?

Timez-Attack is a great multiplication adventure game that is highly motivating to elementary aged students, and the basic version of this game is available for you to download ABSOLUTELY FREE!

How do I get Timez Attack?

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Who made Timez Attack?

You can visit their website at So, this page compares Timez Attack and Arithmemouse on a number of points. Let’s begin…! Timez Attack is a real 3D computer game, made by professional game designers, that aims to teach kids their times tables.

What is the site code for big brainz?

Practice math facts. Site Code: 4203480. Students use their ID to get into the page as their username and password.


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