Is ThriftBooks owned by Amazon?

Is ThriftBooks owned by Amazon?

Thriftbooks is popular among book collectors for being one of few western online bookselling platforms to not be a subsidiary of Amazon, particularly with shoppers choosing to boycott and avoid Amazon.

Which app is best for second hand books?

The 5 Best Apps for Buying and Selling Pre-Owned Books

  • Download: Ziffit for Android | iOS (Free)
  • Download: Depop for Android | iOS (Free)
  • Download: ThriftBooks for Android | iOS (Free)
  • Download: eBay for Android | iOS (Free)
  • Download: Shpock for Android | iOS (Free)

Is there an app for old books?

The ThriftBooks app lets book lovers quickly and easily search, browse, get book details, and buy millions of books, textbooks, and graphic novels.

Which is best site for second hand books?

11 Best Places to Buy Second Hand Books Online

  1. BetterWorldBooks. …
  2. PustakKosh. …
  3. …
  4. BooksByKilo. …
  5. AllBooksOnline. …
  6. Quikr. …
  7. OLX. …
  8. SaveBooks.

Where is ThriftBooks com located?

Based in Seattle, WA, ThriftBooks is the largest online seller of used books in the world, having sold more than 100 million books since its inception.

Is ThriftBooks a good company?

In 2020, ThriftBooks Customer Service ranked in the top 3 for America’s best customer service of online booksellers for the third year in a row, in the company of Amazon and 50 year old Powell’s Books. With over 730,000 reviews on Trustpilot, our customer rating remains at “Excellent.”

Is thrift books available in India?

Customers across India can now browse and shop over 6 million books via the ThriftBooks India Storefront on Marketplace.

How much is a book worth app?

BookScouter is a go-to solution for users who want to sell and buy used or new textbooks at a competitive price. The buyback mobile app compares prices on 30+ vendors and finds the best deals on books.

Where can I get books for cheap online?

The 20 Best Places to Find Cheap Books Online

  1. AbeBooks. One of the best places to find cheap books online has to be AbeBooks. …
  2. Better World Books. …
  3. Amazon. …
  4. Alibris. …
  5. Book Mooch. …
  6. Half Price Books. …
  7. Biblio. …
  8. Book Outlet.

What is Ziffit?

Ziffit is a free online service that instantly values your books and offers great prices. Our service makes it simple to sell your books online.

Is SellBackYourBook com legit?

“is sellbackyourbook a scam?” – No, we are not a scam, we have paid out over $10 million dollars to individuals all over the US!

How do I use Ziffit?

If you’re using our website, locate your items’ barcodes and type in the ISBN or EAN, and hit GET VALUE!

  1. Scan or enter your barcodes and get an instant price. …
  2. Complete the trade, then pack your items. …
  3. Use our free courier or drop-off service. …
  4. Get paid to your bank, PayPal or by cheque.

Where can I buy books online?

Book Store Online : Buy Books Online at Best Prices in India | Books Shopping @ With over 25 million books. Browse through variety of genres such as Fiction, Self help, Children’s books, School textbooks, Higher education textbooks, and much more.

Where can I find old books for free?

We give more details about each one below, but the following sites all offer (or curate a collection with) free books online:

  • Goodreads.
  • International Children’s Digital Library.
  • Internet Sacred Text Archive.
  • ManyBooks.
  • Open Culture.
  • Open Library.
  • Overdrive.

Can we sell old books on Amazon?

To sell books on Amazon, you’ll need to first sign up for an Amazon seller account. You can then sell books on Amazon by listing your new or used books as products. You can ship the books you sell on Amazon directly to the customer or use Amazon Fulfillment.

Is ThriftBooks still in business?

Our primary customer web and mobile destination is our brand home, We also continue to sell on Amazon, eBay, Abe, and other commerce sites where booklovers gather.

How long does it take to get books from ThriftBooks?

U.S. Shipping Information

Shipping Method Transit Time
U.S. Standard Shipping, new items 8-12 business days
U.S. Standard Shipping, used items 5-12 business days
Express Shipping, used items only 1-6 business days
2-Day Shipping, used items only 2 business days

How do I send books to ThriftBooks?

Specific locations of the processing centers can be found at Appropriate social distance requirements of a minimum of six feet will be maintained. At this time, ThriftBooks is only accepting drop-offs and asks that individuals refrain from mailing in books and textbooks.


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