How many levels does word stack have?

How many levels does word stack have?

That is the fact there are more than 2000 levels for you to experience in Word Stacks. The more skilled you become, the more levels will be added for you to experience.

How much does word stack cost?

Top In-App Purchases

Title Price
Coins Bonus Offer $2.99
Super Bundle $12.99
S Coin Pack $2.99
Starter Kit $1.99

How does word stack work?

Words can read forwards or backwards, downwards or upwards. When you find one of the target words for the level, it disappears. The remaining stack of letters fall down and to the right to fill the empty space. Continue finding words until you clear all the letters from the stage.

How do you play Word Stacks daily game?

In the Daily Puzzle, players find words that do not have a theme. To play, tap the ‘Daily’ button on your screen. The puzzle for today’s date will automatically load. Once completed, you will earn a star for that day.

What is the Spyglass for in Word Stacks?

Remember you can always use the spyglass for a hint letter if you are stuck.

What is the piggy bank for in word lots?

Piggy Bank is the place where you store the Gems that you earn by beating the levels and earning the stars. To fill up your Piggy Bank you need to collect stars by beating a level. The higher your score in each level, the more stars you get.

How do I get rid of ads in Word Stacks?

You can purchase ad removal in the in-game store. You can find the in-game store by clicking the coin balance icon in the upper right corner of the game scene. Otherwise, like all popular mobile games, we show ads to support the teams that develop and publish the game.

Are there any free word games?

The 11 Best Free Word Game Apps to Play on Android and iPhone

  • Wordscapes. Wordscapes is a game that combines creating words with a crossword puzzle. …
  • Words Crush: Hidden Themes.
  • Pictoword. Maybe when you play a word game, you like to mix pictures with it. …
  • Wordalot.
  • Word Cookies.
  • WordWhizzle Search.
  • Languinis. …
  • Wordzee!

How do you unlock levels in Wordscapes?

Once you clear Sublime, you will unlock the Master levels. The Wordscapes team has continually added more of these puzzles over the years. Wordscapes Master levels start at level 6,001 and, as of this writing, continue past level 25,000.

What do yellow letters mean in Wordle?

Wordle colour meaning Yellow: The letter is correct but is in the wrong position.

What is the butterfly in Wordscapes?

These butterflies gives the players a challenge, figuring out which words they need to work on first for getting the highest benefits This needs one to develop their quick-thinking skills, as well as use their powers of deduction well.

What are the rules to Wordscapes?

Simple Wordscapes Instructions

  • Spell words using the letters you’re given.
  • Connect letters by swiping between them in one continuous motion.
  • If the word you form appears in the puzzle, it will fill in the blanks on your screen.
  • If you form a valid word that doesn’t fit in the puzzle, it’s a bonus word.

Why do coins disappear in Wordscapes?

If you notice that you are missing coins or bucks in your account that did not came out in normal game play, please try to log off from the game account you are using and log back in. This should refresh the connection to the game server. Do not do this if you are using a Guest account.

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