How do you beat University Tycoon?

How do you beat University Tycoon?

University Empire Tycoon tips and tricks

  1. Prioritize Unlocking all departments ASAP. …
  2. Never exceed your energy limits. …
  3. It’s business, increase your tuition earnings. …
  4. You can hire professors at a lower cost. …
  5. Keep an eye on your cash figures. …
  6. Use diamonds to complete the short duration constructions quickly.

What is the best schedule for university empire tycoon?

University Empire Tycoon: Best Schedule? There is no “best schedule”. You can edit the timetable to what is normal in real life or you can leave it alone, which is what I did.

How do you win competitions in UNI tycoon?

University Empire Tycoon Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Establish a Successful University

  1. Keep The Income Multiplier On. …
  2. Start Improving Your Campus And Cover All Areas. …
  3. Increase Maximum Money And Energy Capacity. …
  4. Add More Courses To Your University. …
  5. Take Extended Breaks From The Game.

How do you get more money in university empire tycoon?


  1. Expand the Dean’s building! The first thing you have to do to increase your income is to level up the main building at your campus. …
  2. Upgrade the proper objects and areas! …
  3. Finish all the research studies! …
  4. Participate in competitions!

How do you assign teachers in UNI tycoon?

Tap on the building you are interested in and tap again to select the classroom where you want the new teacher to work. Then select the “PROFESSOR” tab, then “Assign” and finally, choose the teacher you want.

How do I increase my study bonus on idle high school?

Idle High School Tycoon Study Bonus The more you upgrade the bathroom, cafeteria, and hallway, the more the student’s happiness will increase, which will lead to an increase in the study bonus. Another thing that is directly related to a student’s happiness is the teacher.

How do you restart University in empire tycoon?

If you want to restart the game, uninstall it, and download it again. However, if you have already linked your game to Game Center or Google Play, you cannot connect a new one.

How do I use college tokens in university Empire idle tycoon?

(3) Tokens – In University Empire Tycoon, you earn tokens when you fire the teachers obtained from the packs. Let’s say you open the advanced pack, the game will ask you to keep the teacher or fire him/her -> if you fire the teacher, you will get the token. You can then use those tokens to get premium tier teachers.

What are college tokens for?

University Tokens Tokens can be offered as academic scholarships or used toward college credits. On campus, tokens can be used for club memberships, access to events, or community participation.

How do you do competitions in university empire?

At the end of each school year (purple bar at the top left corner), you will be able to participate in University competitions with your best-fitting students (yellow cup icon at the bottom right of your screen). They have a time limit, so check which fits you at that moment!

How do you reset idle in supermarket tycoon?

To reset your game, you’ll need to delete the game from your iPhone, Android or other devices you currently play it on. This can be done by holding your finger down on the game’s app icon and then selecting the delete option.

How do you restart a law on Empire?

Can I reset my progress? If you want to restart the game, uninstall it, and download it again.

How do you restart a Roblox game?

Best Answer: To clear all achievements and reset the game, tap the Settings tab from the main menu of the Guide button then tap “Reset Game Progress” and confirm resetting your progress.






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